• Neighborhood water wars

    Neighborhood water wars

    Our subdivision had their annual water wars event.  This is when one of the local fire departments comes out and basically sprays children...  okay that made it sound terrible... which it isn't.  The previous time we were at this event, Nora remained dry.  This year, Nora and Jaime got soaked.  This was mostly Continue reading...
  • Nora and the Pink song

    Nora and the Pink song

    Nora is absolutely in love with the new Pink song from "Alice through the looking glass".  The song is called "Just like fire".   The song came on the Disney radio station Nora was listening to, and she yelled "It's the Alice song!"... Continue reading...
  • Grandma Marka's visit in May

    Grandma Marka's visit in May

    Nora's grandma Marka (Jaime's mom) came to visit in May.  While she was here, Jaime, Nora, and Grandma went to Pigeon Forge, TN to ride the huge ferris wheel.  If you remember, Nora rode another huge Continue reading...
  • Ashley helps out

    Ashley helps out

    Our dear friend Ashley came to lend us a hand.  Jaime had some very critical business in Denver, and would be gone for 4 days.  She felt horrible about leaving, but we knew she didn't have any choice.  Ashley is an SMA veteran, so she knows the care plan very well.  Ashley's daughter Skyler was a Type-1 child, who... Continue reading...
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goodentree    /ˈgo͝odənˌtrēˈ/   noun

derived from our last name: Gooden and the idea of a family tree We came up with the name after we made the decision to start a family (have a child).
When Nora was born and diagnosed with the terminal disease SMA, her story quickly spread, and goodentree became established.